Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Its been a while.....

Hello again,

Lots has been going on since my last post that is for sure!!!! Jaya is growing up very fast and is now running around the place, dancing and singing, shouting and screaming! Our business Snowlife Cleaning has opened for trading and we are slowly building up our clientele, Kerri is in charge right now, handling what business we have on her own, hopefully by summer things will be fully rolling and we can start to employ a couple of people. As for me, I am just plodding along like I do during winters, having fun teaching people how to have fun on the snow..... unfortunately we have had few snowfalls this year, but hey, there is still snow on the ground and people to teach/coach so I am still in business on snow until mid April. Hopefully we will be getting some new snow soon.... we are due a big dump!

It has been great to have my parents here since December, my Mum has been here the whole time and will be here until the end of March, my Dad was here until mid January, he took a trip to Europe to see my brother and then home for a little while. He will be returning again for his next Jaya installment, tomorrow. It has been a real relief for us to have my parents around, allowing us the time to make money and start the new business ventures on the correct foot! It has also been great for my parents to get the chance to see Jaya grow first hand and not just over Skype, she is changing by the week! We are all healthy and happy, I believe that is the most important thing.

Here are a few pics from the past few months..... Starting with December, mainly Christmas.... this may turn into 2 or 3 posts.... we have lots!

Hope you are all well,


Friday, 29 November 2013

First business name approved!

Howdy folks,

Kerri and I got confirmation today from the BC Registry Services that our chosen business name "Snowlife Cleaning" has been approved for trading. Kerri and I are stoked and now just need to send off our business license applications, and then we will be in business!!! (better get them sent off on Monday!!) GAME ON!

So.... If you are in need of a quality housekeeping service  and live in the Pemberton or Whistler area, look no further.... http://snowlifecleaning.blogspot.ca/

Have a good day!